Ever wondered how much it costs to tow your vehicle? If you’re stranded not knowing what to do trying to figure out about how much it’s going to cost you to tow your vehicle from where you are to a mechanic shop, here are some quick pieces of information for you to get an estimate as to how much the cost would be.

    Getting a car towed is super common in the United States most car owners experience this at least 1 to 2 times in their lifetime. The cost for towing a vehicle can be Higher than if you were to belong to a roadside assistance plan or have that as a service as part of your insurance. If you don’t have the extra money at an emergency account it could be difficult to afford getting a tow when you need it.

    A lot of people don’t realize this but a tow service usually includes more than just moving your vehicle from one location to another location. Those fears are charge based on different circumstances, special needs, the city you live in, and even the tow service itself. The good news is that there are published rates out there from multiple tow companies they give us a general sense of about how much a standard tow will cost.
    Why even get a tow?

    There’s a bunch of reasons that you could benefit from a tow truck and probably use their services. Hopefully many of these are avoided by you but there are some that just cannot be avoided at all.  Car accidents or a good example of this, in certain cases your vehicle Could be damage to the point where it’s not able to run or even start and if that’s the case a tow truck with a flatbed is your best friend.

    If you want to avoid getting into situations were a tow truck will be needed then there are some things you can do to keep you out of that situation. Making sure that you turn off your headlights and internal lightsSo that you don’t drain out the battery. In the case of something if this ever happens having a jumper cable or a starting system in the car can help you avoid having an expensive call to a tow truck service. Another one is to keep conscious of your gas and how low your vehicle is on gas. Being able to change a flat tire is another great way to avoid having to get a tow truck service.

    So what are the costs of a tow service?

    Well the answer to that is, it depends. Based on the research of multiple automotive tow service companies the national average cost of a tow is $110.  Of course, that number can change based on proximity and or distance traveled but you can expect that the cost would be between two dollars and seven dollars per mile. Getting stranded further away from home or from Mechanic and those costs can get rather high quickly.

    Try to look for a mechanic close to where your car has broken down, this could really help you lower your cost and save you money on your tow.

    If you’re traveling between five and 7 miles expect to pay between $35-$105
    Over 40 miles? $100-$250
    Around 100 milesCollin $250-$600

    How are the total cost broken down?

    Typically tow fees consist of a base or hook-up fee which is around $50 regardless of how far your car needs to be towed. The further you have to have the vehicle towed the higher the cost is. Getting a standard tow truck tow will be cheaper and more cost-effective than a flatbed tow service.  If your vehicle has been in an accident that could be substantially higher.  
    If your car got impounded and had to be towed to the impound the fees along with the tow service can be much higher.